Watch our exclusive video series offering tips, tricks, and techniques for nail techs of all levels.
Bright Summer Nail Art Tutorial

Sarah R. demonstrates a bright design, perfect for summer. 
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Palm Tree Ombre Nail Art Tutorial
Learn how to create a palm tree on a sunset ombre background using IBD's Pink Motel collection. 
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How to Use Glitter Inside Apres Gel-X Tips
Sarah R. demonstrates how to encapsulate glitter in Gel-X tips.
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LGBT Pride Rainbow Ombre Nail Art Tutorial
Kirsty Meakin creates a rainbow nail design for Pride Month.
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Metallic Ripped Nail Design Tutorial
Kirsty Meakin of Naio Nails creates a metallic nail design with a ripped effect. 
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What's the Difference Between PolyGel and Builder Gel?
Suzie Moskal demonstrates the differences between hybrid gels and builder gels, including application.
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5 Mistakes to Avoid to Make More Money as a Nail Tech
Paola Ponce advises avoiding these mistakes to maximize your business.
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