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How to Use PolyGel by Gelish: Natural Nail Overlay and Reverse French

Danny Haile, veteran nail tech and founder of Gelish, shows how to create a natural nail overlay with Natural Clear PolyGel and a reverse French nail with Soft Pink and Bright...
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Gold Foil Nail Art
Nail Career Education's Suzie Moskal shows how to create a gold foil nail design.
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Color Blocking with Acrylics Nail Tutorial
@_Stephsnails_ shows how to do a color blocking technique using Glam and Glits acrylic.
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5 Ways to Earn More Money As a Nail Tech
Celina Ryden shares her top five ways for nail techs to increase their earnings. 
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Unicorn Horn Acrylic Nail Design with Chrome
Naio Nails' Kirsty Meakin shows how to create a unicorn horn nail-shaped design using acrylic. Click here to see the same design using gel.
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Minimalist Negative Space Nail Tutorial
Hannah Rox Nails shows how to create a simple minimalist nail design.
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Young Nails VLog #10: The Dude Does Weathered Snakeskin Nails
Greg Salo demonstrates a weathered snakeskin design in acrylic, and he and brother Habib discuss the hard work and practice that goes into becoming a great nail artist.
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