Watch our exclusive video series offering tips, tricks, and techniques for nail techs of all levels.
Shaping and Cleaning the Cuticle

Holly Schippers shows how to properly shape and clean the nail plate.
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Gel-Polish French Manicure Application
Holly Schippers showing how to do a French look with gel-polish.
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How to File a Stiletto Nail
Sherri Traweek demonstrates how to file a stiletto nail.   You Might Also Like: How to File a Lipstick Nail  
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How to File an Oval Nail
Learn how to file an oval-shaped nail from Sherri Traweek.   You Might Also Like:How to File a Round Nail  
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Tammy Taylor: How to set up a nail station
Mary Stokas, director of education at Tammy Taylor Nails, shows how she sets up her manicure table.
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7 Questions With Gel II
7 Questions with La Palm Spa Products CEO Michael Le, director of R&D and regulatory affairs Dwayne Gavin, and creative director Heather Newhouse.
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Sculpted Stain Glass Gel Nails with Crinkle Effect
Elaine Watson shows how to mix color T3 LED hard gel with Cuccio Veneer to a sculpt stained glass crinkle effect. Click here to learn how to crinkle a form.
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