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Rose Gold Sugar Nails Over Matte

Temeka Jackson shows how to create a matte-and-glitter nail design using rose gold gel-polish, a matte top coat, and loose rose gold glitter.
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Color Pencil Watercolor Floral Nail Art
If you have watercolor pencils, or as Suzie says in Canada, "pencil crayons," you can create cute watercolor nails. Suzie handpaints a few different designs.
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Wildflowers 3-D Roses
Lauren Wireman shows how to create 3-D flowers using Wildflowers acrylics. Lauren purposefully leaves no instruction so that viewers can pay attention to three things:1. The...
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Fidget Spinner Nails How-To: World's Smallest Fidget Spinners
Natasha Lee shows how to create the smallest fidget spinner out of acrylics for nail art on top of nail polish.
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Gelish PolyGEL Tutorial: One Color Overlay with Soak-Off Gel
See Gelish's official video on using PolyGel and creating a one-color overlay with soak-off gel.
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Young Nails VLog #26: Greg's Triple Ombre Gel-Polish Glitter Nail
Young Nails president Greg Salo demonstrates an ombre nail using three colors of gel-polish and a touch of glitter.
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ORLY GelFX Easy-Off Basecoat Education Tutorial
Hot to Use ORLY's GelFX Easy-Off Basecoat for easy removal, faster services, and less damage.
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