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10 Halloween Nail Art Ideas

As Halloween continues to grow in the U.K., so, too, will the demand for spooky nail art designs. Sheena, owner of Decadent Digits in the U.K., guides us through her 2016...
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Simple Short Graveyard Nail Tutorial
Sheena, owner of Decadent Digits in the U.K., shows how to create an easy graveyard nail art design on short nails. Click here to see more photo and video Halloween nail art...
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Day of the Dead-Inspired Nail Art Tutorial
Watch NAILS Magazine associate editor and nail tech Sigourney Nunez create a Day of the Dead-inspired design. Original video by Sweety High, a media company for teens. 
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How to Increase Your Nail Service Prices
Holly Schippers AKA FingerNailFixer was the keynote speaker at the 2016 NW Nail Tech Retreat. Watch her speech as she explains there is no excuse sufficient enough to devalue...
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Harry Connick Jr. Takes Over Poochiez Paws Nail Studio
Singer and show host Harry Connick Jr. takes over Poochiez Pawz Nail Studio in Atlanta, Ga. to give salon owner Poochie a day off.
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Where Is the Cuticle?
Resident blogger Holly Schippers aka FingerNailFixer uses props to demonstrate and identify the difference between the cuticle and eponychium.
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Dotticure with EzFlow HD Acrylic
The HD Acrylics Sculpting Powders from EzFlow focus on the principles of the four Cs: chemistry, clarity, color, and creativity. Time-release technology in the formula delivers...
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